Our difference: Simple, natural health products·

  • The form of the products allows a high concentration of active principles per dose.Natural product technological
  • Exclusive technology for the enjoyment of food supplements in a simple, effortless way.
  • Alternative to traditional forms of food supplements: this new form allows overmedicated enfeebled people and those who have problems swallowing (due to illness, inability to ingest, etc.) to take food supplements in a form which resembles a normal refreshment or which reintroduces food into nutrition/health.
  • Enjoyable mode of administration through the combined action of Plants and Active Ingredients.
  • From pleasure ritual to health: taking food supplements becomes a moment of pleasure, just like a tea ritual or tea ceremony.
  • Ease of use: tea bags or capsules for use during work breaks or at home.
  • Importance of hydration: a natural, warm drink during the day, of a reasonable nonexcessive nature. In addition, the astringent effect of tea and certain plants  makes people want to drink a little cold water afterwards.
    Mode of administration in which the carrier is chosen for its natural, traditional action, recognised for decades (e.g. green tea, lemon balm, hibiscus, etc.).

**TeaPlus-Expertise®: new dosage form which meets the food  supplement standard for its active principle content, on a plant-based carrier chosen for its own intrinsic value

**Dry plant extracts
Extracts allow the separation of active components from fibrous tissues and their  concentration and, in certain cases, the selection of a single group of active  principles. They have a higher concentration of active principles than plant powders.
Depending on their classification, certain plants are free from pharmaceutical restrictions and are also used in food supplements.

*Herbal teas
A lot of herbal teas commonly found in shops are now very difficult to dose correctly (numerous factors affect the quality of the plants: habitat, period, sifting residues, etc.) In addition, they involve the delicate parts of the plant: flowers, leaves, flower heads. The substantiation of health claims requires a high product content, yet these herbal teas often have a low proportion of plant material with a low content of medicinal principles.

Like with every living organism, each plant is different. Great care is required to preserve the delicate chemical composition of the plants and dry extracts and avoid their over-heating. The liquid preparation is obtained through the action of boiling water on a substance (often a plant) whose soluble active principles are released in the water through maceration.

Warning: Despite the obvious observed benefits of plants and green tea, they can also have side effects which must not be ignored


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