Our commitment to organic production:

As an ORGANIC manufacturer and processor, our commitment involves stringent monitoring and tracking of regulations concerning production and processing. It guarantees traceability throughout the chain of raw materials used, ensuring the non-use of synthetic  chemicals, GMOs or ionising radiation, as well as the restricted use of authorised additives and processing aids. It guarantees high-quality products, whose manufacturing is not detrimental to the health or wellbeing of humans, plants or animals.

Viviane Lab is a laboratory which is certified as a custom manufacturer and processor by Bureau Véritas (French Quality certification).

Our commitments:

  • Our commitment in respect of conventional or organic food supplements
  • Viviane Lab carefully studies the virtues of the plants and nutrients and their benefits for the organism, in order to create nutritional supplements suited to each body need. To achieve this, the French laboratory makes use of its expertise and know-how to extract the best  out of nature (bibliographical studies, publications, etc.).
  • Viviane Lab offers consumers food supplements which meet their expectations in terms of traceability, effectiveness, safety and quality, while providing them with the required information to enable them to choose. For this reason, the laboratory has signed a safety and quality commitment with the French food supplement union Synadiet.

Our production processes comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (BPF-GMP)
HACCP certification: the laboratory is engaged in an HACCP certification process

Food supplements:

  • Food supplements are covered by European Directive 2002/46, transposed into the French consumer code by a decree of 2006. They are considered as foodstuffs.
  • Food supplements are subject to declaration with the DGCCRF prior to their marketing. Since 2010, ANSES is tasked with monitoring the safety of products on the French market.

Our suppliers:

We build relationships of trust with our ingredient suppliers, guaranteeing stringent selection and the traceability of raw materials, whether they are conventional or organic. Moreover, we require systematic analyses upon receipt of each batch of goods. The quality of our products and their specifications are checked by an independent laboratory.

Scientific Committee :

This committee is composed of scientists from partner companies with whom we work in close collaboration on specific products. Each person contributes their expertise in their particular fields, for the benefit of their own company and their partners, in the aim of developing new products for nutrition and health.

Christophe Arnéodo (Viviane Lab) holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy, with a major in Industry. He also holds a post-graduate degree (DEA) in galenical formulation, for which he also produced a thesis. He has contributed to numerous publications and conferences in France, Canada and the United States. Throughout his career, he has developed medications and, in addition, has formulated, created and produced food supplements. In 1995, he founded his own pharmaceutical company specialised in the custom manufacturing of soft capsules, which he sold 5 years later to Pfizer. His expertise in formulation research enabled him to develop the new form of food supplements on dry matter "Expertise-TeaPlus®".

Alain Gerbi, (RDVC Produits Santé) holds a Doctorate in Biochemistry and is a Scientific, expert accredited by the French Ministry of Education and Research. He has been involved in research on the health implications of functional foodstuffs in certain diseases, within the framework of institutional research in university, hospital and INSERM teams. With his extensive R&D experience and publications, Dr Alain Gerbi provides his expertise for the development of food supplement laboratories, in the scientific and regulatory fields.

Eric Dumont (Novastell) holds a Doctorate in Biochemistry. He is an expert in the characterisation of plant-based ingredients and active principles, as well as in the oxidative stability of ingredients and foodstuffs. He also lectures at the Universities of Quimper and

Thierry Coste (Novastell) holds a Doctorate in Endocrinology-Nutrition. He participated in the setup of ASL before becoming Scientific Director at Novastell. He is a specialist in phospholipids. Moreover, he lectures at the University de Marseille, gives conferences, and is the author of numerous scientific publications. Days treasurer of National Dietary Association Law 1901 in Marseille

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